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by W. H. Heaton

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Our one-of-a-kind product speaks for itself. At Regs-In-A-Flash we focus on creating quality policies, procedures, and resource guides that provide you and your staff with tools to aid you in remaining compliant with the never-ending regulatory process.  There are NO pages to manually replace, EVER. Electronically updated.

"Regs-In-A-Flash has revolutionized the way Greystone accesses and stays well-informed of regulatory changes and updates. The ease of use and vast electronic library has made historically difficult to find documents only a few clicks away for all of our staff. RIAF gives the very best support of any company that we deal with. I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions that we have. You seem to be waiting there just to answer our questions. Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards." Chris Masterson, Senior VP Care Innovations

  • MDS 3.0 Manual & Flash Drive.
  • In-Service Training Programs.
  • Competency Evaluation Checklists.
  • Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercises.
  • Continuous updating to ensure your data files remain current at all times.
  • Automated Updating Process.
  • Customizable Policies & Procedures.
  • Regulatory Resources.
  • Root Cause Analysis Worksheet by Survey Tag Number.
  • Survey Tag Mobile App.