Our Automated Updating Process is quick and easy and takes less than five (5) minutes to complete. To manually update just...

  • ​Double click on the UpdateNow app;

  • Enter your credentials;

  • Click "Update."

That's all there is to it. You'll receive an on-screen message when the process is completed. 

Automatically update your data files daily, weekly, or monthly. It's quick and easy.

NO cookies, personal data, or tracking systems are embedded on your flash drive or our regulatory cloud-based system. 

Ask us about our Mobile App for the Android and Apple iOS Systems!!

It works great on your iPad or Tablet.

Only $5.99 mo / $49.99 yr.

It's FREE with your Regs-In-A-Flash products.

Benefits of Using the Flash Drive

Automatic updating. No pages to manually replace, EVER!!! 


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The FIRST and ONLY one of its kind!!

  • Immediate access to hundreds of pages of up-to-date regulatory compliance manuals and customizable policies and procedures.
  • Completely portable. NO internet needed to access, view, print, or download documents. 
  • Policies, procedures, and regulatory data files are continuously updated to ensure information remains current at all times.
  • All documents are in Word and PDF formats. No programs needed to access, view, print, or download data files.
  • Works on any device with a USB Port (laptop, desktop, tablet, ipad, etc.).
  • NO software needed to activate or use the automated updating process.
  • Documents bookmarked and linked for easy navigation.
  • Never a need to manually replace pages. No more mail to open or email's that requires you to download and open files.
  • Saves valuable time and hundreds of dollars annually. Department of defense level security.
  • No restrictions on the number of users in same facility.​ Upload to your desktop or share drive for your entire staff to use.

Regulatory Compliance Guides,

Policies, Procedures, QAPI, and more...

by W. H. Heaton