Our mission at Regs-In-A-Flash is to provide you with an easier and more productive method of keeping your policies, procedures, training programs, regulatory manuals, and other related compliance tools current without having to spend an enormous amount of time and costly resources replacing pages manually or the need to open, compare, and replace digital files.​ Check out our Survey Tag Number Mobile App on the Google & Apple Stores. It's Free with our Regs-In-A-Flash Products.

Regulatory Compliance Guides,

Policies, Procedures, QAPI, and more...

by W. H. Heaton

About W. H. Heaton

Our founder and CEO, W. H. Heaton, spent 12 years as a nursing home administrator, has more than 40 years in the LTC profession, and is the author and creator of numerous policy manuals and regulatory compliance guides. Regs-In-A-Flash is his latest creation and is an innovative process that allows you to update policies, procedures, training programs, regulatory compliance manuals, etc., via a secure automated updating process. No pages to manually replace, ever.

 This is a full robust product. Having all the data in one place makes information easier to find. Categorizing the regs by subject was very helpful. A very good value."  - Charlie H/Administrator

Automated Updating Process

Our Automated Updating Process is quick and easy and takes less than five (5) minutes to complete. Just click on the UpdateNow App, enter your credentials, and click "update". That's all there is to it. You'll receive an on-screen message when the process is completed. 

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We value your privacy. No personal or financial data is maintained or housed on our automated updating system. Regs-In-A-Flash does not sell or share your information to outside parties/vendors.


Our product is cloud based and is not in the public domain and is secured by an SSH security certificate which provides Department of Defense level security features. No cookies or other tracking systems are embedded on the flash drive. You are not required to download any software to activate our automated updating features.

Authorized Users

There are NO restrictions on the number of facility staff users who may place the Regs-In-A-Flash drive content on their desktop, laptop, tablet, share drive, etc., as long as they are in the SAME facility. Multi-facility user license agreement are available.

"This is a full robust product."

Our Mission